Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2-D Assemblage Art and Bricolage

My work is inspired by “things”.  These things come in many forms but ones that are rustic, worn, faded, accessible, and blue-collar appeal to me. I am inspired by many artists; from the assemblage work of Joseph Cornell to the still life paintings of John Haberle, William Hartnett, and John F. Peto.  Andrew Wyeth’s color palette reminds me of what “real life” looks like, thus I try to infuse neutral and natural colors into my work.  My use of patterns and lines, though subtle and delicate, help add a tactile quality to my work and aid in leading the viewer’s eye around the composition.  Frames are, in a sense, windows which lead us to another place.  Thus I try to establish depth with frames, and hopefully connect the viewer to what is beyond the assemblage.  As a proud Ohioan I also try to interject subtle symbols to show my affection for this great State.  -Kevin Longley

I currently reside on a farm in Brookville Ohio and teach visual art at the high school level.  I earned a bachelor's in art and education at Wittenberg University in Springfield Ohio, and Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Ohio Principal Licensure from Antioch University McGregor in Yellow Springs Ohio.  Inquiries about my artwork can be sent to 

"Bear Creek"
Colored Pencil & Graphite on Mylar

"Based On Wood"
Colored Pencil
**Accepted:  68th Ohio Annual, Zanesville, OH**

"King of the Midwest"
Colored Pencil

"Bricolage No. 4"
Colored Pencil

"Bricolage No. 3"
Colored Pencil

"OH #1"
Colored Pencil
**Accepted:  2012 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Columbus, OH**
"OH #2"
Colored Pencil

"A View of John"
 Colored Pencil
**Accepted:  19th Annual CPSA Exhibition, Dallas, TX**
**Accepted:  2012 Whitewater Valley Art Competition, Richmond, IN**

Colored Pencil